Monday, May 30, 2011


If you signed up for earning the Cycling merit badge, please see the email newsletter immediately. The sign-up sheet has been misplaced.


We will be marching in the Memorial Day parade. All Scouts not already marching with band or other groups in the parade that day are required to march with the scouts.

We will be meeting at the parking lot of Dollar General at 9:30am on Monday, May 30th.

Scouts AND leaders will march in the parade to Central Park, where they will have cookies and punch served.

Leadership roles are required for advancement; plus, these roles are a GREAT way for your son to participate and mature in scouting.
Tuesday, May 31st Elections will be held for:
    Sr. Patrol Leader (1 year term)
    Assistant Patrol Leader (1 year term)
    Patrol Leaders: (6 month term)
    Quartermaster: (1 year term)
    Scribe (6 months)
    Troop Librarian (1 year)
    Troop Historian - Media ( 6 month)
    Den Chief: (1 year)
    Webmaster: (1 year)
    High Adventure Coordinator: (1 year)

Duties of each leadership role will be posted at the meeting. The following role requirements have been amended:
Scribe:Additional requirement: Pass out materials as directed by adult leadership. Provide a monthly copy of attendance (both meeting AND camp outs/events) to Scoutmaster at Scoutmaster Conference meeting.
Troop Historian: Additional requirement: Court of Honor program
Webmaster: Changes: minimum 1 completed year in scouting; Must have appropriate skills and experience. Parent mentor required; See Scoutmaster for questions.

High Adventure Coordinator: Minimum 1 completed year in scouting; High adventure involving at least 50 miles of backpacking and May Hike or equivalent experience. Parent mentor required;

A Troop 14 family shared a story in our last Monday newsletter about an unemployed family that is struggling with cancer and unemployment. The troop is trying to gather canned goods for their family.

UPDATE: This family lives in Muskegon. If anyone is considering a gift card, they shop at Meijer and Walmart. In addition to perishable foods, we have found out that meat and frozen foods will be accepted (Thanks to those that had us check on this!).

This is what “Duty to Others” in action looks like. Please help us help them.

Camp Gerber Dinner - RSVP JUNE 3rd …....Meal Catered via Chef in a Box

RSVP for the Camp Gerber dinner by Friday, June 3. Cost is $5 with attendees requested to bring a dessert to pass.

If you are going to the dinner, you absolutely must RSVP by that date.  There will be a sign-up sheet again at next week's meeting. To sign up, please see the emailed newsletter.

NOTE: Family night is a BIG DEAL for our boys at camp. They enjoy seeing their parents. Parents may plan to arrive around 5:30, checking in at the camp office. Dinner will be served at 6pm, with Scouts leaving for evening scout festivities at 7pm (NOTE: Parents are welcome to attend the festivities, but they will NOT be able to have contact with scouts after they depart for the festivities).


We are still missing tents from before the May Hike. A cash reward is being offered (by the Communication Chair) for the return of all tents that were missing before the May Hike. We'd like this to be resolved before our last meeting.

If you think you may have a tent, PLEASE take a moment to see if a tent inadvertently came back to you. To return a tent, please see the emailed newsletter.

Community Service Opportunities

Spring Lake Wooden Boat Show on June 4th at Keenan Marina

We still need 2 volunteers from 8am-noon and 2 volunteers from 11:30-3:30 pm.

Windsor McCay Day on June 14th

We need seven scouts to help out with Windsor McCay day at the Spring Lake District Library. The scouts will be helping out with carnival-style games and handing out prizes to the kids.

It's from 9:45am-12:00pm and it's an easy opportunity to earn some services hours.

To sign up, please see the emailed newsletter.

Not only is community service required for advancement, it is good for both the volunteer and the community!

Looking for Donation: A Camper or Fifth Wheel

WYLD/Haunted Hall is looking for a camper or a fifth-wheel as a portable sound/equipment room for Haunted Hall. This is a really good donation/tax write-off opportunity: as we plan on using the vehicle, you can write off a higher value than if you were normally donating it.

For more information, please see the emailed newsletter.

Family Camp Out

Just like last year, parents and scouts will be up at Camp Owassippee on August 19th-21th. Camping will be $15.00 per person and it is only tent camping. If you have any questions, please see the emailed newsletter.

Congratulations to Scoutmaster for being awarded the Silver Beaver Award.

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest award presented at the Council level. Silver Beaver recipients are recognized for their outstanding contribution to youth at the troop, district, council, and community level.

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